Hello there! I'm Priya Sam, a former reporter, news anchor and morning show host. I started my career in Halifax, Nova Scotia (still one of my favourite places in the world!) as a part-time newsroom assistant answering phones and rolling the teleprompter and less than five years later I was on national television delivering the morning news headlines to Canadians. My time in television was one of the greatest privileges of my life. I met some amazing people, connected with viewers across the country, traveled, had wonderful mentors and made lifelong friends.

I left to pursue a career in tech in 2019 but my passion for telling stories never left me. As a reporter, I spent a lot of time at crime scenes and car crashes, attending court cases and government press conferences. But the stories I loved telling were about people who had done something extraordinary whether that was making an unexpected pivot, overcoming an obstacle or tragedy or taking a leap of faith. That's what lead me to start Turning Point.

I hope you'll enjoy hearing these stories as much as I enjoy telling them!