• Priya Sam

Episode 16: Dr. Naheed Dosani on health justice and being on the front line of the pandemic

Updated: Mar 29

Dr. Naheed Dosani is a palliative care physician and health justice activist. His turning point happened during his residency when one of his patients named Terry died. Terry was experiencing homelessness at the time and Naheed saw how the systems in place failed him.

This experience led Naheed to found an organization called Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless (PEACH). PEACH is a mobile unit that provides healthcare for people living on the streets and in shelters. In this episode we talk about how PEACH came to be, how it has grown and created a model of care that cities around the world are replicating.

Naheed also talks about life as a healthcare worker during the pandemic and how he's seeing the disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations.

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