• Priya Sam

Episode 11: Priya Ramdin on the tragic death of her daughter Riya Rajkumar

***Trigger warning: Domestic/Family violence, death***

At 11 years old, sweet Riya Rajkumar dreamed of being a doctor, driving a Lamborghini and living in a mansion. She loved Drake and all things sparkly and girly.

Sadly, her young life was cut short when she was killed by her father on her birthday in 2019. In her first interview, Riya's mother Priya Ramdin shares her story with the hope of helping other women experiencing domestic violence. She also raises questions about how police handled the case.

This episode is sad and heartbreaking but also incredibly important at a time when incidents of domestic violence have increased significantly.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can find help in your area here:

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