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Episode 18: Classified on the turning point that lead to his decades-long music career

What a thrill to have award-winning Canadian hip-hop artist and producer Classified as a guest on Turning Point! He's been making music for 26 years, releasing his first album called "Time's up, Kid" in 1995 and his most recent EP called "Time'" in 2020. In this episode we talk about those albums and everything in-between including his big turning point; when he had to choose between a stable job and giving a full-time career in music a shot.

He also tells the story of how his collaboration with Snoop Dogg on "No Pressure" came to be (this story had me on the edge of my seat!) and why the theme of time on his most recent EP is so meaningful to him.

You'll also hear Classified talk about his pride and joy; his family.

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