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Episode 20: Tareq Hadhad on escaping the war in Syria and founding Peace by Chocolate

When Tareq Hadhad and his family left Syria in 2012, they had no idea where life would take them. Their livelihood was their chocolate factory in Damascus and it was destroyed in a bombing that Tareq’s father narrowly escaped. They went to Lebanon and Tareq describes a time when he lost faith after his family’s refugee application was denied by several countries.

Hope finally arrived after Tareq received a call from the Canadian embassy. On a cold December day in 2015, he landed in his new home in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Five short years later, his family has rebuilt their chocolate business and it is thriving with a recently expanded factory and a new location in the heart of Halifax.

In this episode, we cover it all from the heartbreak of the war to the hope of a new beginning.

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