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Episode 27: Valerie Azinge on writing her cookbook while healing from a life-changing accident

Valerie Azinge has always loved cooking, baking and finding creative ways to make delicious and healthy meals. While her passion for food has been part of her life since she can remember, a life changing accident gave her a new perspective. Valerie was seriously injured when she and her friend were hit by a drunk driver, her friend was killed. During her recovery, Valerie was offered the opportunity to create a cookbook and despite the circumstances she said yes.

In this episode, you'll hear Valerie's incredible story of resilience and determination and find out why developing the cookbook became both a healing journey and a labour of love.

A huge thank you to Fanshawe College for being one of our sponsors this season! You can find out more about Fanshawe's microcredentials courses here:

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