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Episode 30: Perdita Felicien on domestic violence, her track career and pivoting to broadcasting

Perdita Felicien became a household name in Canada as a world champion hurdler in her early twenties. Recently, she shared her family's story in her book, _My Mother's Daughter_ where we learn that the hurdles that were part of her track and field career came after her family overcame some major hurdles of their own.

Her mother Catherine came to Canada to be a nanny and earned minimal wages while being treated horribly by some of her employers. Perdita, her mother and sister also ended up in a women's shelter after fleeing her abusive father. You'll hear more of her story in this interview including her biggest turning point; when her mother was provided with a home of her own and was able to have autonomy over her life.

We also discuss Perdita's incredible athletic career (including how life changed after her world championship win in 2003), her transition to sports broadcasting and what's next for her.

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