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Episode 32: Ayomide Bayowa on turning to poetry

Ayomide Bayowa is Mississauga, Ontario's Poet Laureate and in this episode we hear how poetry has shaped who he is today. It all started with a turning point in high school in Nigeria when he first felt a connection to poetry.

Ayomide isn't afraid to take on tough topics either. After the death of Ejaz Chowdry, a man killed by Peel Police during a mental health incident, Ayomide wrote a poem dedicated to him and read it at a city council meeting. You'll hear the poem and more about why he wrote and read it in the episode along with how he became the poet laureate and what inspires his writing.

A huge thank you to Fanshawe College for being one of our sponsors this season. You can find out more about Fanshawe's continuing education courses here:

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