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Episode 33: Parween Mander on overcoming financial trauma

Parween Mander is a Millennial Money Coach and her passion for helping others manage their finances comes from her biggest turning point; when she was 16-years-old, her family almost lost their home.

Parween's parents didn't speak much English so she was going from bank to bank with them and relaying the information when their mortgage applications were denied. Eventually they were able to get the financing they needed but the experience stuck with Parween and motivated her to learn more about financial security. She now uses her experience and education to help other women of colour overcome their financial traumas and build generational wealth.

You'll hear more about Parween's turning point and her trauma-informed approach to financial counselling in this episode.

A huge thank you to Fanshawe College for being one of our sponsors this season! You can learn more about Fanshawe's post-graduate programs here:

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