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Episode 38: Survivor winner Erika Casupanan on being the underdog

Erika Casupanan is the first Canadian and the first person of Filipino descent EVER to win Survivor. She's also the first woman to win in several seasons and in this episode we get all of the details about her strategy and what was going on behind the scenes and.

It's no surprise that winning Survivor is Erika's biggest turning point. You'll also hear about other pivotal moments in her life including: the impact of growing up in an immigrant family, her experience being underestimated in her communications career, the decision to quit her job before competing on the show and if you're a fan, you'll enjoy hearing about how the hourglass changed everything.

This episode was recorded at a live event on January 26th as part of Turning Point's partnership with Fanshawe College where Erika and I both studied. If you're a Fanshawe alumni and you have a story to share, you can submit it here:

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