Welcome to Turning Point 

Turning Point started out as a passion project to create a space for people to share stories of inspiration and resilience around major turning points in their lives. It quickly evolved from a podcast and YouTube show into so much more. I'm pleased to now also offer coaching to executives, business owners and aspiring speakers who are looking for guidance on how to tell their own stories. 

The incredible network I've built also means that I can offer the service of organizing and facilitating powerful panels with impactful guests. Please see my services page for more information. 



I've been a news anchor, a morning show host, a Solutions Consultant at top tech companies (Slack and Hootsuite), an ESL teacher in South Korea, a retail worker, a fundraiser and a fast food cashier. The common thread through all of my jobs has been a passion for people and stories and my experience with people from all walks of life helped me create an inclusive framework for both coaching and facilitating conversations. 



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