My career in television offered me the privilege of sharing the stories of people from all walks of life. I've now combined my experience as a national news anchor and morning show host along with my learnings from working at progressive companies like Slack, Salesforce and Hootsuite to create a framework to help leaders tell their stories in a way that is impactful and inclusive. I'm pleased to offer 1:1 coaching now with a group coaching course to come. If you're an executive or business owner looking for guidance on how to share your story, my POINTS coaching method and my experience as a storyteller will leave you with the tools and confidence to use your personal story to strengthen your brand and become be a trusted leader.


1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching program is designed using my unique POINTS framework which focuses first on understanding your unique story. Next, we focus on the opportunity your story has to make an impact on your target audience. From there we focus on how to best highlight your main points using engaging and inclusive examples and stories. The final step is finessing your presentation (this is tailored to your situation but includes everything from body language, tone of voice, zoom background etc...)

1:1 Coaching packages usually start at $5000. Custom quotes are available, connect with me by email at hello@priyasam.com

Panel/workshop facilitator and organizer

My extensive network from working in national and local television newsrooms along with my top rated podcast has allowed me to work with HR and DE&I teams to put together impactful panels and lunch and learn sessions on topics including but not limited to:

  • Women and mental health

  • How to be an ally

  • Creating inclusive teams 

As part of panel packages, I suggest and book guests and facilitate the conversation in an engaging and inclusive manner. E-mail hello@priyasam.com for more information.


Keynote speaker

My passion for storytelling includes telling my own story of why I left journalism after ongoing experiences with racism and discrimination. I share my experience with the hope that others in similar situations will feel seen and heard and to give the people around them insight into the importance of allyship. You can hear my story here

I share these experiences with workplaces and companies to give insight into the experience of women of colour in the workplace and to offer some suggestions for improving conditions and being a better ally. Please email hello@priyasam.com to inquire about booking.